African American Heritage Tour - 2 Days

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2 Day African American Heritage Tour

Visit the most-important sites in Washington DC which celebrate the lives of men and women who dedicated their lives for the equality of all men in this Two-Day African American Heritage Tour. You will visit places like the MLK Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Museum of African American History and Culture as well as the Frederick Douglass Home, the Mary Bethune Home and much more. You will see the Capitol Building as well as the White House and have the opportunity to experience so much more. This tour may be customized for your group to include other attractions as well.

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Complete the form to receive information about an African American Heritage Tour in Washington DC. We can help arrange everything for your group from a customized tour, group transportation, lodging, meals and much more.

Our years of experience in Washington DC (and in other locations) enables us to create tours which meet the needs of groups like yours every year. We know that Washington DC is a very special place for all types of groups so we take special care in arranging tours which help to enhance the experience of every group.

With great sites and attractions like the MLK Memorial, Frederick Douglass Home, The African American Civil War Memorial (and Museum) as well as the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC, your group is sure to enjoy an amazing tour. Complete the form on this page or call our toll-free number to receive more information (888) 796.8763

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    Day One

    During Day One your group will visit the following sites:

    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
    • Lincoln Memorial
    • The White House
    • Capitol Hill
    • Frederick Douglass Home
    • Mary Bethune Home
    • Carter G Woodson Home
    • African American Civil War Memorial
    • African American Civil War Museum
    • and much more…

    Day Two

    During Day Two your group will visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture. You will be able to see exhibits and learn about the following important aspects of the lives of African Americans throughout history:

    • Slavery
    • The Civil War
    • Emancipation
    • the Civil Rights Movement
    • Music
    • Literature
    • and Much More…

    Tour Options

    When you choose the Two-Day African American Heritage Tour, we also offer the following options for your group:

    • Tour of the U.S. Capitol Building
    • African American Civil War Museum Lecture
    • Hotel Lodging Options
    • Restaurant Dining Options
    • Optional Family Reunion Banquet*
    • and More…

    *For Family Reunions, we can work to help arrange a Family Banquet