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Washington DC Educational Tours & School Trips - Call 888.796.8763

Washington DC Educational Tours & School Trips

Scheduling an Educational Tour or School Trip to Washington DC can be one of the most-rewarding experiences for you and your students. With so many unique things to see an do, DC is the top destination for student groups in the United States.

Planning a trip to DC requires experience and a willingness to hear and deliver what is important to educational groups. At Tour Washington DC, we know this trip will be a highlight that many students will never forget. That is why we work tirelessly to provide experiences which go beyond your typical tours. 

Discover Washington DC
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Here are a few DC Educational Tours Designed for Students and School Groups. Click on any of the images below to explore the tours. All Tours are Completely Customizable.

Washington DC Educational Tours & School Trips - Call 888.796.8763

Here is What Your Group Can Experience


Visit the Federal Buildings and Learn how the Three Separate Branches of Government Work.


Washington DC Offers World-Class Museums such as the Smithsonian Institute Museums. 


The Monuments Help Us to Remember those Who Established & Defended Freedom.

Historical Sites

Visit Historically Significant Sites Such as Mt. Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery, and More.

Tours for Schools & Educational Groups

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What could be more exciting than taking your classroom learning journey into the real world, right where American history was made? Washington DC, the heart of our nation’s government and the hub of countless historical events, is waiting for you and your group.

Our tours are designed to cater to the learning needs and interests of middle and high school students. There’s nothing quite like standing where monumental historical events happened – and we want to make this a reality for you. Imagine marveling at the majesty of the Lincoln Memorial, exploring the halls of the United States Capitol where important laws have been passed, or diving into the interactive exhibits at the Smithsonian Museums. This is about more than learning – it’s about living the history you’ve only read about.

In a city like DC, where every monument has a story and every attraction offers a wealth of discovery, our goal is to help you not only learn about history, science, and government but to experience them first-hand. This kind of learning doesn’t just improve your understanding of the topics; it can inspire you, make you think more critically, and deepen your respect for our nation’s history and democratic values.

A trip to Washington DC isn’t just a school outing…it’s a chance to make your learning come alive, to grow, and to become more engaged as a future citizen. So, check out our tours and see how they can add real-world depth to your school curriculum and offer an unforgettable learning experience. Welcome to our Washington DC Educational Tours & School Trips – where history, education, and discovery come together for an incredible adventure.