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DC Christian History Tours

The Christian Faith has been a large part of life in this nation even before it became one. Washington DC has a long history reflecting the faith of Americans since its establishment. Today you can see those reflections living on in many places and in many ways. From the words “Laus Deo” at the Top of the Washington Monument to the words etched on the walls of the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials to the History of the Capitol Building and much more. The Christian Faith is evident here in many ways. Allow us to show you!

Washington DC Christian History Video

One-Day Christian Tours

Explore Washington DC from a Christian Perspective. Our Master Certified Guides will Lead You to Discover the Faith of those Who Have Led Our Country Since its Beginning

Capitol Hill Christian Tour

The foundations of our National Government were build on Judeo-Christian Principles. This half-day tour, led by a Certified Master Tour Guide, will explore those foundations. You will learn about how our Government was formed and how our reliance on God has led this Nation to where we are today.

Our Founding Fathers – Christian Tour

Our Founding Fathers and many others who have been influential in our nation have had unshakable faith in the God of the Bible. From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln and many others, learn about their reliance on the Almighty, see their words, giving Glory to God engraved for all to see, as you learn about their lives as well as their prayers for His guidance.

Multi-Day Christian Tours

Discover all that Washington DC has to offer. Choose two, three, four or more days to explore our Capital and surrounding area.

Christian Group Tours

Customized to meet the needs of your group, our Christian Group Tours are designed for the number of days your group has available as well as your budget. Visit all of the most-popular attractions from a Christian perspective. Transportation, meals, lodging, tours and much more can be included for your group. Call 888-796-8763 for Details

Washington DC Christian Tour

DC Christian Home School Tour

Washington DC is the ultimate destination for students. Featuring the world-class museums, the most-recognizable memorials, and the home our National Government, DC is the number one destination in the USA for learning.

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