Christian History Tours Washington DC

Discover the Rich Heritage of Faith in our Christian History Tours. Washington DC has Many Acknowledgements of God Etched in Stone Throughout the City.

Two Day Christian Tour Washington DC

Christian Tour 2-Days

For those groups who have limited time but want to experience as much of Washington DC as possible, this Two Day Tour may be just what you are looking for.

Customized Christian Tours

Customized Christian Tour

This tour is perfect for groups who know what they want to experience and how much time they have. Give us the details and allow us to construct a tour that is perfect for your Christian Group and within your budget.

Christian Tour 3-Days

Three days of touring in our National Capital visiting the most-popular sites and attractions with a message of hope for the future of our nation.

Discover Christian History in Washington DC

The Christian Faith has been a large part of life in this nation even before it became one. Washington DC has a long history reflecting the faith of Americans since its establishment. Today you can see those reflections living on in many places and in many ways. From the words “Laus Deo” at the Top of the Washington Monument to the words etched on the walls of the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials to the History of the Capitol Building and much more. The Christian Faith is evident here in many ways. Allow us to show you!

Christian Tour Preview Video

One Nation Under God Tour

Explore Washington DC with Radio Talk Show Host Dr. Chris Hughes. These Four Day Tours will be held in June and September.

Washington DC Christian Tours

Below you will Find Several of Our Popular Christian Tours in Washington DC

Customized Christian Tours Washington DC

Multi-City Christian Tour

Looking to Combine Several Locations into One Christian-Theme Tour? We can create a customized tour which includes the destionation your group wants to visit in one package. We can include transportation, lodging, tours, meals and more.


Capitol Hill Christian Tour

The foundations of our National Government were build on Judeo-Christian Principles. This half-day tour, led by a Certified Master Tour Guide, will explore those foundations. You will learn about how our Government was formed and how our reliance on God has led this Nation to where we are today.


Our Founding Fathers

Our Founding Fathers and many others who have been influential in our nation have had unshakable faith in the God of the Bible. From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln and many others, learn about their reliance on the Almighty, see their words, giving Glory to God engraved for all to see, as you learn about their lives as well as their prayers for His guidance.


Popular DC Attractions

Choose Any of the Sites and Attractions Your Faith Group wants to Visit when You come to Washington DC

Monuments & Memorials

Discover the Words of the Founding Fathers and how they Glorified God.

Other Tours

Visit Mt. Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery and Many other Sites in Washington DC

Federal Government Sites

Learn about our Federal Government and how it works

DC Museums

Washington DC is filled with World-Famous Museums, Including the Museum of the Bible.