Educational Tours Washington DC

Washington DC is an Amazing Location for Educational School Groups. It is second to none in terms of history, science, arts, and culture. Filled with impressive and awe-inspiring sites and attractions of great historical, educational, and cultural significance, Washington DC is a popular place for educational tours of students of all ages.

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Experience Washington DC with Your Students

Washington DC Educational Tours are the most-requested tours for students in the world. Every year countless students come to the nation’s capital to learn about our history and experience all that DC has to offer. Students have the opportunity to explore the Federal Government Buildings, the Museums, Monuments & Memorials and so much more.

Each of our learning tours are designed with your students in mind and can be customized to meet the needs of your specific group. Our licensed tour guides will lead your group through every step of the way, opening up great conversations and encouraging deeper thinking into the world we live in today.

DC Educational Tour Request

Washington DC Educational Tours

Experience Washington DC with Your Students. Customized or Pre-Arranged Tours are Available for Groups of All Sizes. Below are a Few Options for your Educational Group to Choose from. Call 888.796.8763 for more Information or for tours longer than four days.

Two Day Washington DC Educational Tour

Two Day Tour

Visit the most popular sites
and attractions in Washington DC for Educational Groups

Three Day Tour

Monuments, Government, Museums, and much more in this packed tour.

Four Day Washington DC Educational Tour

Four Day Tour

Customize this tour to
include everything you want to experience in DC.

Customized Christian Tours

One Day Field Trip

Visit the Highlights of Washington DC in a single day. A short trip but still packed with plenty to experience.

Howard University

African American

Especially Designed for African American Students or those who want to Learn more about African American History.

Washington DC Highlights

Federal Buildings 

See some of the most important documents in US history.


Washington DC Offers World-Class Museums such as the Smithsonian Institute Museums. 

Monuments & Memorials

Visited my Millions, the Monuments Help Us to Remember those Who Made a Difference.

Historical Sites

Visit Other Significant Sites Such as Mt. Vernon, Arlington Cemetery, and Others.

Washington DC is one of the most popular destinations for educational tours in the United States. Students get to explore the numerous site and attractions in almost every corner of the city. Being the center of the federal government and the birthplace of the nation, the city offers a great way to learn about the country’s history. With many world-class museums, the opportunities for learning and discovery are limitless. Memorials and monuments to the great men and women who helped shape the nation will inspire students to follow in their footsteps.