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Lincoln Memorial

African American Heritage Tours

Experience one, two or three day Washington DC African American Heritage Tours with your group or reunion. We can provide everything your group needs including transportation, lodging, meals, activities, complete tours, guides and more. Call our Toll-Free Number or Click below to learn more

Large Groups


Washington DC Educational Tours

Every student should have the opportunity to experience a Washington DC Educational Tour. There is so much to discover that our national capital has to offer. From towering monuments to amazing museums to magnificent government buildings, DC is a great place to explore!

Educational Tours

Jefferson Memorial
National Cathedral

Faith Heritage Tours

Even before the foundation of the United States, Faith was a very important part of the lives of our forefathers. By the time this nation was founded, a vast majority held to either the Protestant or Catholic faith.

Our Heritage of this Faith is a well-established and has deep roots in Washington DC. Our Faith Tours explore the foundations of our country and the men and women of faith who helped to make this the Greatest Nation on Earth

Faith Tours



Monuments & Memorials

Historic Places

We Cover Every Detail

Every Tour is Customized to Meet Your Needs. Here are a few of the Services We will take care of for Your Group:


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Washington DC Sites & Attractions
Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

Nestled atop a hill, above the Anacostia River in Southeast Washington, D.C.,…

Where did the "DC" in Washington DC Come From?

Where did the "DC" in…

Have you ever wondered where the “DC” in Washington DC got there…

Building the Washington Monument

Building the Washington Monument

The tallest structure in Washington DC honors the First President of the…

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Many monuments and sculptures commemorate the famous Martin Luther King, Jr. across…

Washington DC Burned in the War of 1812

Washington DC Burned in the…

During the War of 1812, the British forces attacked and burned our…

The U.S. Capitol Dome

The U.S. Capitol Dome

The United States Capitol Dome is one of the most-recognized symbols of…

National Museum of African Art

National Museum of African Art

Founded in 1964, the National Museum of African Art was established as…

National Museum of African American History and Culture

National Museum of African American…

On September 24th, 2016, the National Museum of African American History and…