Washington DC Tours

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Washington DC Tours

Below you will find a list of the ever-growing number of tours that we offer. Each tour listed may be customized to include the sites and attractions your group wants to visit. A brief description of each tour is listed along with the Tour Name.

Family Reunion Heritage Tour

This is the one tour that families keep talking about! Visit all of the best African American Heritage Sites in Washington DC. Visit the MLK Memorial, Frederick Douglass home, and so much more. This tour is one of our most-popular tours for groups!

DC Field Trip – One Day

Many times school groups do not have the leisure of spending several days in Washington DC. With this in mind, we are able to create customized one-day field trips to DC. Visit your choice of DC attractions during your one-day adventure.

Two-Day Educational Tour

This exciting tour is packed with several popular locations in and around Washington DC. Perfect for those groups with limited time but want to see and do as much as possible.

Three-Day Educational Tour

Explore all of the best that Washington DC has to offer. Though we will customize this tour for your group, you can visit the Capitol Building, the monuments & memorials as well as the amazing museums and much more…

Two Day Faith Tour

Our nation has always been one built on the faith. In this tour your group will be able to explore the foundations of faith in our nation and in our national capital. Visit the many places where faith is on display and celebrated in Washington DC.

Three Day Faith Tour

This three day tour will give you a look into the heritage of faith for the people of the United States. Looking at those who fought to protect our right to worship as we see fit. You will also get a look into the government and how it works before seeing several unique churches and the Museum of the Bible.