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Throughout the history of the United States, the Christian Faith has had a profound influence on this country. Our customized Christian Tours give  you a glimpse into that influence and into the personal faith of many of our Founding Fathers. From George Washington and the signers of the Declaration of Independence to Lincoln and beyond, your group will learn insights into the lives of these great men and how they helped forge a nation based upon ideals which have their base in scriptures. Your tour will be customized to include the sites and attractions you want to see Рmonuments, museums, government centers and more. Each tour will also include lodging, meals, tours, attraction tickets or entries, guides and transportation (from your location if you choose). We will also create the tour for the length of time that you request so that it fits your calendar. Below you will find a wide variety of sites and attractions that you may choose to visit as a part of your Christian Tour. Your itinerary will reflect the locations that you want to visit as well as a rate that is affordable for your group.

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    Washington DC Sites & Attractions

    Monuments & Memorials

    Washington DC has many impressive monuments and memorials. Most are located around the National Mall and pay tribute to past U.S. Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Memorial, Franklin D. Roosevelt and George Washington. Others are dedicated to honor American Soldiers who fought in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. You can also visit monuments to great men such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr or Albert Einstein.

    Washington DC has several Monuments and Memorials to visit. Each helps to tell a story and to honor great Americans who have served this country.

    U.S. Federal Government Buildings

    Everyone knows that Washington DC is where our National Government is located. Chosen as the location for our national capital by George Washington, it is the home of many U.S. Federal Government Buildings. The most-familiar buildings are the White House (first inhabited by John Adams), the Capitol Building (completed after the Civil War), the United States Supreme Court, the Library of Congress (three buildings in all, but the Jefferson Building is the most-ornate of them all), and the National Archives (the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the U.S. and the Bill of Rights are all here).

    Washington DC Churches

    Washington DC is the home of the National Cathedral. This impressive edifice took a century to build and is adorned with a beautiful Gothic design. It has been the site of many important services as well as funerals for heads of state and other important figures.

    The Basilica of the National Shrine, or America’s Catholic Church, as well as the Metropolitan AME Church and many others are found in DC as well. St. John’s Episcopal Church, known as the Church of the Presidents has hosted every U.S. President since James Madison, is located near the White House and is also available for tours.

    Washington DC Museums

    Some of the most-popular museums in the world are located in Washington DC. From the impressive Smithsonian collection of museums to the new Museum of the Bible, the Holocaust Museum, the new Law Enforcement Museum and more, DC has a wide variety and something for everyone to explore. The most popular Smithsonian Museums include the Air & Space Museum (undergoing some renovations), the NMAACH (African American Museum), the Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of American History. There are many more as well for groups to consider.

    Area Historic Sites

    The Washington DC area and surrounding region are filled with amazing historic sites for your group to visit. One of the closest to DC is Mt. Vernon, home of our First President, George Washington. A few hours to the west is Monticello (Charlottesville, VA) the home of Thomas Jefferson, the Third President of the United States. Located to the north you can find the Gettysburg Battlefield, the turning point of the Civil War. Annapolis is the home of the US Naval Academy.

    One of the most-impressive Historic Sites in the area is the Arlington National Cemetery, located just to the west of the city. Here you will find one of the most-solemn places in our land as well as a place where we can pay respects to those who have fought bravely for the Freedoms we enjoy.