Where did the “DC” in Washington DC Come From?

Washington DC

Have you ever wondered where the “DC” in Washington DC got there in the first place? So often we say the name that we generally do not give it much thought. Today we know that Washington DC is one of the most-powerful seats of government in the world. Before our United States Government convened in […]

Washington DC Burned in the War of 1812

White House

During the War of 1812, the British forces attacked and burned our new National Capital, Washington DC. They burned both the White House and the Capitol Building. Other buildings were burned but the British occupied Washington DC for only a day. They soon retreated to the Baltimore area, where another famous battle was fought and […]

The U.S. Capitol Dome

Capitol Dome

The United States Capitol Dome is one of the most-recognized symbols of the United States and the Freedom that this nation represents. Its beauty and architecture is stunning. Watch the story of the Capitol Dome and how it has been restored so that this symbol of democracy can stand for generations to come.