51 More Constitution Day Resources

New laws are mandating that schools that actually benefit from federal funding must start teaching about The Constitution, since it is what the federal laws are made from and the children should be familiar with these laws. This company even has lesson plans, games, and activities that help make learning about it fun for the […]

Seterra – Hundreds of Interactive Geography Games in More Than 30 Languages

If you’re looking for a game to help yourself or your students learn more about geography, then Seterra has the game set for you. Available online across several devices and platforms and with some printables, Seterra offers three different modes and ways of learning about and recognizing the geographical features of each country, as well […]

The Online Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States

The University of Richmond is home to the Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States. This is an online atlas containing over 700 historical maps of the United States. Many of the maps have an interactive aspect to them. For example, you can view territorial maps and animate them to show population changes […]

An Archive of Historic American Buildings and Landscapes

Throughout the country, no matter where one goes from the East coast to the West coast, the American landscape is filled with historic buildings that many of which hold interesting and captivating stories about times that have passed. For those who are interested in this history and culture, it is necessary to identify the ones […]

What is a Storyboard? – History and Use Cases

When developing an outline or brainstorm for any type of story or narrative, one of the oldest models of templates is known as the storyboard. Drawing out specific scenes and highlighting what is going on, as well as the potential dictation that may be occurring in that given scene, helps give people a better understanding […]

A Crash Course on Independence Day

Richard Byrne, is always on the lookout for useful and free technology for educators. July 4 is naturally an important historic day for U.S. citizens and important for students to learn about. Students should get to know its roots and may also care to how the holiday has been celebrated throughout the years and the […]

Purpose Games – Create and Play Educational Games

Purpose Games is a free service, useful for all types of educators and students. The service empowers those that make use of it to create games for the purpose of learning and educating. There are seven specific types of games that users can create using the Purpose Game service. These are games that involve matching, […]

5 Good Resources for Teaching and Learning About the American Revolution

The American Revolution is a time in American history that every child learns about in school It is ingrained in the heads of the young American citizen that this time period was a period of sacrifice and some of the nation’s most loved, and famous, leaders were born. Overall, if you are teaching about the […]

Nine Fun and Challenging Geography Games

There are lots of free online resources for teaching geography, including some simple, fun games. For example, Game On World is a multiplayer, map-and-marker based game that challenges students to find and mark a location. Smarty Pins is a somewhat similar game that also relies on a map. Wikiwhere gives students a description of a […]

10 Good Templates for Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts Lessons

“Read Write Think” is a teacher resource provider, particularly well-known for its interactive activities and templates. Although RWT is a first-choice for reading and language arts lesson plans, not all teachers recognize that the resource mecca has activities, apps and templates that can enable the teacher of science and social studies to get their lesson […]

Take a Look at Microsoft’s Free Hands-on STEM Lesson Plans and Projects

Richard Byrne, author of a blog on free technology for teachers, talked to several Microsoft employees at the BETT Show about Microsoft?s ?Hacking STEM? effort. ?Hacking STEM? provides teachers with a free library of STEM lesson plans that don?t require spending significant money on physical materials. These lesson plans are detailed and include materials lists […]

Why is Digital Curation so Important for Educators in 2018?

Naomi Timperely is setting out on a mission to help teach those who are about to embark in the workforce the fundamental skill of digital curation. Digital curation is having the ability to not only research information, but organize it in a way that is most relevant to the query at hand. There are several […]

The True Story Behind Plymouth Rock

In 1741, the son of a pilgrim announced the importance of Plymouth Rock, located at Plymouth Harbor in Massachusetts. For over 121 years, the rock was left unidentified and its significance was not yet known. It is believed that in 1620, this may have been the first rock that was stepped on when William Bradford […]

Raising Brilliant Kids — With Research To Back You Up

Most parents do not have the time within their busy schedules to sit down and explain in an in-depth manner how everything works in order to feed their children’s naturally curious minds. Unfortunately, this can have a true impact on how much we allow our children to grow. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek is a scientist who developed […]

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

Frederick Douglass House

Nestled atop a hill, above the Anacostia River in Southeast Washington, D.C., is the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site. A former home, it is now a museum to honor one of the most notable African American abolitionists, writers, and orators during the 19th century. Frederick Douglass bought the house in 1877 and named it Cedar […]