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51 More Constitution Day Resources

New laws are mandating that schools that actually benefit from federal funding must start teaching about The Constitution, since it is what the federal laws are made from and the children should be familiar with these laws. This company even has lesson plans, games, and activities that help make learning about it fun for the children. Taking this approach makes it fun to learn and not like cramming too much information without being able to comprehend and learn the materials.

Key Takeaways:

  • On Constitution day, all schools receiving federal funding are mandated by law to offer some instruction on the U.S constitution.
  • DocsTeach is an online tool for creating history lessons for teachers based on documents, images and videos.
  • DocsTeach has an online environment that allows the sharing of lessons created with students and colleagues.

“DocsTeach has sixteen pre-made Constitution Day activities that you can use today.”

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