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An Archive of Historic American Buildings and Landscapes

Throughout the country, no matter where one goes from the East coast to the West coast, the American landscape is filled with historic buildings that many of which hold interesting and captivating stories about times that have passed. For those who are interested in this history and culture, it is necessary to identify the ones they want to go to most, and keep a list to ensure that they are able to go to all the ones that they want.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before organization, the Library of Congress was a hard place to find the data a person was looking for
  • Now, in its digitized section, it’s much easier to such through files and subfiles to find an image
  • Not only is the LOC good for personal use, but it could be an excellent educational resource

“Thankfully, in recent years the LOC has made a marked improvement in the ease which you can find digitized artifacts that are available to view and download.”

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