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What is a Storyboard? – History and Use Cases

When developing an outline or brainstorm for any type of story or narrative, one of the oldest models of templates is known as the storyboard. Drawing out specific scenes and highlighting what is going on, as well as the potential dictation that may be occurring in that given scene, helps give people a better understanding of the storyline altogether. Various individuals and organizations in the past have used storyboards as an effective way of getting their points across.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aaron Sherman is the creator of “Story Board That,”which effectively describes how the ubiquitous board game to be.
  • Sherman also explains how the boards are used in business settings, in educational ones, and even on film sets.
  • In fact, the iconic film, “Gone With the Wind,” was the first ever live action movie to be drawn entirely on story boards.

“Over the years I’ve written many blog posts about using storyboards in a variety of classroom settings. I’ve even hosted webinars on the topic. But until today I never wondered about the origins of storyboards.”

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