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A Crash Course on Independence Day

Richard Byrne, is always on the lookout for useful and free technology for educators. July 4 is naturally an important historic day for U.S. citizens and important for students to learn about. Students should get to know its roots and may also care to how the holiday has been celebrated throughout the years and the changes it may have experienced. Fortunately, there is a free video that addresses this important national event. It’s part of the “Crash Course of American History” series, narrated by John Green. Though Green’s peppy style is not at all boring, Green does often instill a fair amount of sarcasm in his crash course lectures. Educators should realize this and decide for themselves if their students can glean the useful and separate it from the tone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Green’s delivery of the subject matter may or may not be appropriate for students.
  • It all depends on how able a particular student grouping is at accurately recognizing irony.
  • This is due to the fact that Green likes to pepper his discourses with an overlay of sarcasm.

“In the video below John Green offers a short overview of the history of Independence Day and the ways in which Americans have celebrated the holiday since 1776.”

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