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5 Good Resources for Teaching and Learning About the American Revolution

The American Revolution is a time in American history that every child learns about in school It is ingrained in the heads of the young American citizen that this time period was a period of sacrifice and some of the nation’s most loved, and famous, leaders were born. Overall, if you are teaching about the American Revolution, you must start with the backstory of how England ruled over the United States for a long period of time.

Key Takeaways:

  • “History Animated” has simple and attractive animated maps of troop movement as it occurred during the revolutionary war.
  • “Teaching American History” has a series of interactive studies specifically centered on the American Revolutionary War.
  • The lesson plans are divied up into three distinct chronological sections and they are great tools for teaching elementary and middle-school aged kids.

“This coming Monday is Patriots’ Day. It is an official state holiday here in Maine, in Massachusetts, and in Wisconsin.”

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