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10 Good Templates for Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts Lessons

“Read Write Think” is a teacher resource provider, particularly well-known for its interactive activities and templates. Although RWT is a first-choice for reading and language arts lesson plans, not all teachers recognize that the resource mecca has activities, apps and templates that can enable the teacher of science and social studies to get their lesson plan groove on as well. For example, RWT has an “Essay Map” which enables students to structure an essay by honing in on a thesis statement and then gathering the supporting statements. While “Essay Map” is obviously a language arts tool, there is no reason that it could not serve as a cross-over into other types of lessons. After all, a valid thesis well-buttressed by facts is a necessary staple in science and in many other subjects as well. Two other great offerings from RWT Timeline and Animal Inquiry are also a good fit for science students, as Timeline allows students to create an event timeline and Animal Inquiry is a database full of animal-specific facts. Other RWT tools help students create crosswords, poems, books and online media profiles.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Persuasion Map shows students how to start their writing project with a thesis statement and then walks them through the writing process.
  • Essay Map is especially helpful in showing students how to write introductions and conclusions in their essays.
  • Flip Book allows students to create their own books, using both typing and drawing.

“Dig a little deeper into RWT and you’ll find interactive activities, apps, and templates that can be used in science and social studies lessons too.”

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