Richard Byrne, author of a blog on free technology for teachers, talked to several Microsoft employees at the BETT Show about Microsoft?s ?Hacking STEM? effort. ?Hacking STEM? provides teachers with a free library of STEM lesson plans that don?t require spending significant money on physical materials. These lesson plans are detailed and include materials lists and learning objectives. The project provides both one-day lesson plans, such as a homemade wave machine, and multi-day lesson plans, such as one that involves harnessing electricity to communicate.

Key Takeaways:

  • ?Hacking STEM? is a Microsoft project to provide teachers with hands-on STEM lessons and projects that involve little or no money.
  • Microsoft was actively involved in promoting the ?Hacking STEM? project at the BETT show last month.
  • A homemade wave machine was among the many examples of the project Microsoft displayed at the BETT show.

“Microsoft’s Hacking STEM Library is divided into activities that take multiple days to complete and activities that can be completed in one day.”

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