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Hello 21st Century. Let’s Talk about Transforming Parent-Teacher Communications with Technology and Data.

The communication barrier between parents and teachers are still quite prevalent, even with modern-day technology. A recent study showed that most parents are under the impression that their children are doing better in school than they actually are. Some experts relate this to the “mystifying” aspects of the data that is presented to parents. A lot of it is so confusing that it is difficult for the average parent to understand and digest the information that is provided to them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most parents find that the information presented to them is hard to digest due to it not being “demystified”.
  • A recent study showed that parents actually overestimated how well their children were doing in school.
  • Even with modern technology, there is still a large gap between the communication in parent and teachers.

“Though the impact of parent engagement has been recognized for many years, recent research has pointed to the positive effect of frequent parent-teacher communication around student performance.”

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