African American Heritage Tour – 4 Days

Afircan American Heritage

4-Day African American Heritage Tour

4 Day African American Heritage Tour

This Four Day African American Heritage Tour brings to life the men and women who fought bravely for freedom and equality for all people in these United States of America. Because of their sacrifices, people from all walks of life are free to live life as equals under the law.

African Americans have been a vital part of this struggle within our nation for well over 200 years! Black people, who were originally brought here as slaves by the thousands, but refused to give up the fight to live as they saw fit. Even though they were oppressed, courageous men and women rose up as champions of freedom for all. Because of their bravery in the face of adversity, we live in a land where we can say that "All Men Are Created Equal".

Itinerary Details for this 4 Day Black Heritage Tour are Below. We are Happy to Customize this Tour to Meet the Needs of Your Group.

4 Day African American Heritage Tour Itinerary Details Below

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Tour Washington DC Toll Free


White House Photo Stop - Take a photo of the most-famous residence in the World. Some Groups may request a tour of the White House (limited availability).
White House Photo Stop
African American Civil War Museum and Memorial - Relive the struggles of Blacks in America during the Civil War. Learn of the contributions of African Americans during this tumultuous time in the United States.
African American Civil War Memorial & Museum
Mary M. Bethune House  - This wonderful champion of equality dedicated her life to better the lives of all black men and women in America. Learn about her incredible contribution to the struggle for equality.
Mary Jane McLeod Bethune Memorial
National Archives - Visit the National Archives where the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and other important historical documents are displayed for all to see.
National Archives
Fords Theater - See the place where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865, only days after the Confederacy surrendered to the Union and the Civil War came to an end.
Ford's Theatre Washington DC
Museum of African American History and Culture - Visit the newest of the amazing Smithsonian Museums. Learn about the lives of African Americans and the culture they brought to this nation.
African American Museum of History and Culture
Lincoln Memorial - The Lincoln Memorial is one of the most-visited in Washington DC. It is dedicated to the life of our 16th President who fought to preserve the Union and to end slavery in this nation.
Lincoln memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Read the names of the thousands of brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending others in Vietnam during the 1960's and 1970's.
Vietnam Memorial
Korean Veterans Memorial - Within one decade of the end of World War II, America had a new enemy. This memorial commemorates the lives of those who fought in Korea against the expansion of communism.
Korea War 2


Frederick Douglass House - The most-famous of all black abolitionist, Frederick Douglass dedicated his life to ending slavery in this country and for improving the lives of all who once served as slaves.
Frederick Douglass Home
Tour Metropolitan AME Church - The AME Church is dedicated to working against social ills and cultural issues which are still common here in this country.
Metropolitan AME Church
Air and Space Museum - Easily one of the most-popular museums in the world, this Smithsonian museum tells the story of man and his dream to fly and to reach the stars!
Air & Space Museum
Museum of Natural History - This museum is home to one of the most amazing collections of species who have lived as well as beautiful minerals, ancient dinosaurs, and a collection of meteorites and rocks from other worlds.
Museum of Natural History
Museum of American History - Take a look into America's past at this Smithsonian museum. See how Americans have lived and learn about how our culture has changed over the years.
American History
MLK Memorial - Dedicated to the man who paid the ultimate price for his dream that "All Men are Created Equal". The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is one of the newest in Washington DC.
MLK Memorial
Roosevelt Memorial - Franklin Roosevelt is the only President of the United States to be elected to that office for four terms. He led the US during the Great Depression and through most of World War II.
FDR Memorial
Jefferson Memorial - Thomas Jefferson was the Third President of the United States. He was the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence and who was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase which expanded this country.
Jefferson Memorial


Arlington National Cemetery - Visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and see the Changing of the Guard. Also, visit the memorial to the Columbia and Challenger Space Shuttles as well as see the grave site of JFK here at Arlington.
Marine Corps War Memorial - This iconic sculpture depicts one of the most-memorable moments during World War II, when marines raised the flag on the highest point on the island of Iwo Jima.
Marine Corps Memorial
Tour the National Basilica - Visit one of the most-ornate churches in this country. View the famous murals and the beautiful architecture in this Catholic Church.
National Basilica
Tour Capital - Take a tour of the United States Capitol Building, the home of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Some groups may choose to meet their Congressman.
Capitol building
Supreme Court - The most-important legal cases in the history of the United States have been determined here. The Court is in session beginning the first Monday of each October.
Supreme Court of the United States
Library of Congress - The Library of Congress is home to millions of books, manuscripts, photographs and much more. It is located adjacent to the Capitol Building in Washington DC.
Library of Congress in Washington DC
Potomac River Dinner Cruise - Some groups may choose to enjoy a unique Dinner Cruise along the Potomac River. Several options may be available during your tour, but space is limited.
Potomac River dinner cruise

Day 4

Mt. Vernon Black History Tour - See the home of President George Washington from a different perspective. Located just south of Washington DC, Mt. Vernon is a very memorable tour for all.
Mt. Vernon
Newseum - Dedicated to the rights of a Free Press, the Newseum offers an informative and fascinating look into the ways that news is rep0rted in this country.
Newseum Image

What's Included

Three Nights Lodging
Tour Guide
Breakfast Daily at Hotel
Three Dinners
All Entry Tickets per Itinerary
Customized Itinerary
1 Free per 10 Paying Participants


Basic Itinerary

Day 1
White House Photo Stop
African American Civil War Memorial and Museum
Mary M. Bethune House (Tour of House)
National Archives
Fords Theater
Museum of African American History and Culture
Night Tour
Lincoln Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Korean Veterans Memorial
Day 2
Frederick Douglass house
Tour Metropolitan AME Church
Museum of Air and space
Museum of Natural History
Museum of American History
Night Tour
MLK Memorial
Roosevelt Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Day 3
Arlington National Cemetery
Marine corp Memorial
Tour the National Basilica
Lunch at Capitol
Tour Capital
Supreme Court
Library of Congress
Potomac River Dinner Cruise
Day 4
Mt. Vernon Black history tour
Lunch at Mt. Vernon

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